Things to Look Forward To

Dress- Forever 21 
Ankle Boots- H&M 

Hello all! I'm back with another post. The dress I'm wearing is by far one of my favorite dresses I bought in high school. I used to always accessorize with a belt to make it a little more fitting but I wanted it to be a little flowy this time. I've always been a fan of florals and this dress just has all of my favorite qualities. The ankle boots I'm wearing are one of the biggest staples in my closet because I love to add a little bit of height to my short stature. This outfit is one of my favorite outfits I've put together. 

I have some exciting news for all of the upcoming posts I'm going to write this summer. I leave for Charleston in about three weeks and am staying at one of the prettiest Airbnb's I could find. I've been looking at numerous travel guides to make sure I find the best places to visit during my 72 hours in Charleston. I went thrift shopping with one of my best friends from high school so expect a thrifting haul in the near future. I have a ton of clothes that I've bought over the last couple months and want to do a collective clothing haul. I am so excited for this summer and all of the potential posts I can come up with. What are your summer plans? 

With love, 

Carmen x 

End of the Second Chapter

Shirt- Thrifted 
Skirt- Forever 21 
Shoes- Nike 

Hey all! I've been stressing about finals for the last couple weeks and I'm glad to say it is finally over! I'm going to spend this summer working while sipping coffee, reading the best books I can find, and hopefully traveling or taking a few day trips around North Carolina. I actually have a fun trip planned with my boyfriend next month and I'm super excited about that!
I'm excited about all of the picture taking opportunities I'll have on our mini vacation. 

This shirt is probably one of my favorites and I'm always a little happier when I put it on. This was a $1.99 score at one of the best Goodwills near my college. I can never get tired of these Nike's and they are by far one of the most comfortable shoes I own! 

I'm also selling some clothes over on my Poshmark and if you would like to shop my closet you can find it here. 

I look forward to posting very very soon! 

With love,

Carmen x 

Warby Parker Summer 2018 Collection

All photos courtesy of Warby Parker

Hello all! I was posting today to inform you all of the new Summer 2018 Collection of eyewear at Warby Parker! Warby Parker is a company that specializes in sunglasses and eyeglasses. The process to get your new frames from Warby Parker is extremely helpful and you are able to find glasses that suit your interests. When ordering from Warby Parker, you can take a quiz that helps you find the best frames for your style. After taking the quiz, Warby Parker shows you glasses that suit you and you can select five pairs to be sent to your house for you to test out! This process is free and you are able to select the frames that you want to purchase online! You can send them your prescription and receive prescription glasses for $95 and up. 

Warby Parker offers a wide range of eyewear for men and women. I included some pictures of my favorite glasses in their Summer 2018 Collection. I recommend checking out their collection here. I know I will definitely buy a pair from their newest collection!

With love,

Carmen xx 

Fur Vest and Snow

Top- Forever 21 
Fur Vest- Gift 
Leggings- Forever 21 
Boots- Steve Madden 

Hello all!

I've been busy with tennis, work, and school. These pictures were taken a long time ago and I'm just now able to post them up on the blog. We received a minor dusting of snow today and it makes me wish we saw the same amount of snow as our last snow. I'm ready for winter to be over with and I'm more than willing to accept the warmer weather.
This outfit has been one of my favorite outfits of the winter. I've had these Steve Madden boots since my sophomore year of high school and they have yet to fail me during our winter storms.
Tennis season has just begun and the blog posts are going to be extremely spaced out until mid-April. I'm going to try to be on here as much as I can. I hope you all are hanging in there after our rough winter weather.

With love,

Carmen xx  

Things Are Looking Up

Turtleneck- Forever 21 
Sweater Cardigan- Forever 21 
Jeans- Forever 21 
Ankle Boots- Forever 21 

Hello all! It's been a while but the last couple weeks have been crazy. I was hired at one of my favorite places on earth right after the new year. I left a job that was a bit toxic and now I am able to balance my life a little better. Tennis season is right around the corner and I'm still waiting for my clearance from my neurologist. After that, I get to hit the courts within a couple weeks in time for our spring season! 

With my new job, I'll be able to keep up my coffee addiction and balance my schoolwork. Exciting things are coming!!

With love, 

Carmen xx 

2017 Summed Up

Happy New Year! 2017 was definitely a year that I will never forget. The year started off well and I managed to get through my second semester of college. I had a great summer and got to spend it with my favorite person in the world. I started my sophomore year of college and decided on my major. When September hit, my life changed a bit after a car accident. I spent the rest of the year living with a concussion and waiting for the day I could be concussion free. Unfortunately, I started off the new year with a concussion that I can't seem to shake. 

I know that my life has altered a bit but I could not make it through the year without my family, my boyfriend, and the best friends I could ever ask for. My family has been with me for every neurologist appointment and has dealt with me complaining about my headache all of the time. My friends have been some of my biggest supporters during this long and agonizing journey. I can't thank my boyfriend enough for helping me get through this hard time and helping me start up this blog again. I can just wish for a speedy recovery in 2018. 

2018, please be good to me. 

With love,

Carmen xx

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Dog Lovers

Hello all! I'm back today with a quick post featuring one of my favorite mugs. I purchased this mug that says, "Home is where the dog is," from a local pet boutique. I featured my dog, Dallas, in this post because this mug definitely applies to me. One of my favorite things about this mug is that it has the shape of my home state on it. This mug is definitely a go-to gift for of your friends that are dog lovers! 

I shopped around on Etsy and found a mug that is somewhat similar to the mug pictured above. You can find that mug here. 

I'll be back with another holiday gift guide post tomorrow!

Carmen xx